"Out Seasoning the Competition" 

We offer BBQ Classes for all levels of BBQ enthusiasts in Midland, TX and beyond

Our catering and seasoning journey began with cooking and cook-offs. Junior’s passion has always been in barbecuing. He enjoys the people involved in cook-offs because there aren’t any nicer; everyone is incredibly genuine and full of heart. Junior loves to cook for others, and the thrill of competing keeps him fired up. 

Cook-offs are still Junior’s passion, and now he gets to compete across the country, sharing his Juniors Rub for Grub with his fellow cooks – and his family gets to come along for the ride! The combination of cooking, friends, sharing his rub, and family brings all of the things that Junior loves into one place! 

Junior’s Up In Smoke competes all around the country and in different organizations, including the following: 

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