Junior's Rub For Grub


The Secret Ingredient for Delicious BBQ

Junior's Rub for Grub is a complete and balanced seasoning that is perfect for pit masters and casual backyard barbecue cooks alike. 

The Mission for Junior's Rub for Grub: To be some of the elite rubs for the competition crowd as well as for backyard cooks.

Junior's Rub for Grub has caused quite the stir over the years! Our popular rub was named for several awards, and our owner and master chef Junior Urias was featured on several cooking television programs and his food was showcased all over the world, including Sweden.
BBQ Rubs Midland, TX
Junior's Rub for Grub’s Impressive Repertoire:

• Winner of the NBBQA Awards of Excellence, 2014 and 2015
• Over 200 Grand Champions
• Over 300 Reserved Grand Champions 
• Multiple Top Ten Finishes
•Multiple Wins at The American Royal
• Wins at The Jack Daniels Invitation
BBQ Restaurants Midland, TX
BBQ Restaurants Midland, TX
Junior's Rub for Grub is a proud sponsor of the following BBQ teams and restaurants: 
  • Fred Robles- Rio Valley Meat Co.
  • Robert Sierra- S&S Pit Crew
  • Hector Villanueva- Killer V Cooking Team
  • Buster Davis- J&A BBQ
  • Chris Chadwick- Hawg County Cookers
  • Ernest Servantes- Burnt Bean Co
  • Moe Cason- Ponderosa BBQ
  • Wade McBee- McBee BBQ
  • Steve Jimenez- High Strung BBQ
  • Fred Tijerina- Tijerina BBQ
  • Ruben Renteria- Gordo’s BBQ
  • Maurice Grill Master Burt
  • Blake Moody- Tortuise Q
  • Shane and Rick Burchfield- Keeper Hot
Review from All About That Rub

"The Rub: Junior's Rub for Grub is straight from the competition circuit … perfect for competing or “backyard use.” It’s a bold blend of salt, spices, garlic, paprika, sugar, and other ingredients. Upon raw taste, this rub just screams Texas. Bold spices! Garlic! Paprika! I knew I was in for a treat with this, even though I typically like a little sweet in my ribs.
Results: Wow! My inclination on screaming Texas was right. You want a Texas rub, this is one to try. In this cook, I supplied BBQ to a customer and coworkers. The ribs were the big hit. It’s always a nice compliment when they come back from a long weekend after the meal and ask when I’m bringing in lunch. The quotes were endless but in getting comments like “those were the best ribs I’ve ever had,” “what your secret,” you know you’ve found something special. The flavor was on point and the coloring after smoking was spectacular!"
World Class Combination of Spices, Herbs and Heat 5 Star Review
Posted by Woody Myles on 10th Jun 2016
My first cook was a turkey. Rubbed inside and out. Roasted...and it turned out to be the best ever. Superb flavor and very juicy meat.
Next cook grilling root vegetables
Thank you for the great service Barbeque Junction.
Great Rub for Grub 5 Star Review
Posted by TYRONE M DEMELO on 21st Mar 2016
This is my new rub for my meats and vegetables, my third time using it and I love it. Also the company contacts you personally if there are any problems or issues concerning your order and product availability.
Great rub 5 Star Review
Posted by Joel Abee on 26th Sep 2015
Super balance used it on ribs and chicken
Perfect balance for my brisket 5 Star Review
Posted by Ryan on 3rd Jul 2015
I was looking for something with a good kick for my brisket, and this will be my go-to rub.
Texas best rub. 5 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 19th Jun 2015
Great flavor. Very smooth with kick of heat on the back end.
juniors rub for grub 5 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 18th Mar 2015
Use this seasoning for my Brisket and have had excellent results!
Great stuff! 5 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2014
Very nice with a spicy kick at the end! Great stuff!
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